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When it comes to professional services, we are the hub of possibilities.

Welcome to Professional Networking Joint Hub (PNJ Hub) - an online consulting platform that gives you access to services in Vastu, Interior Designing, Legal Dispute and Settlements, Taxation, Corporate Governance & Compliances, Mergers and Acquisitions and Real Estate advisory. We aspire to be the preferred connecting platform for service seekers and providers across and beyond these categories.

PNJ Hub is bringing about a revolution in service industry by implementing 5 important aspects:

  1. Security/Custody of documents: Service providers are bound to keep clients documents confidential at all times and also handover the working files and documents to PNJ Hub at each milestone.
  2. Service restoration: Clients can choose to restore services at any time of the collaboration.
  3. Continuous feedback: PNJ Hub requests regular feedback from clients to ensure utmost quality of service.
  4. Regular Payment: Clients will be charged on regular basis by PNJ Hub on the status of work and service providers relieved from the tension of tracking of the payments.
  5. Termination of contract: Service providers have the freedom to discontinue the work with remuneration for the tasks completed.

Our thoroughly researched processes let professionals with talent; expertise and knowledge of a specific subject get in touch with individuals in need of their guidance in the smoothest way possible. Additionally, all your payments are executed via PNJ Hub to ensure transparency at all phases of the collaboration.



At the heart of PNJ Hub



Our founder Paras Mittal is a seasoned professional skilled in diversified fields for over 12 years in service industry. He has hands-on experience in handling issues faced by clients and service providers. He makes sure that PNJ Hub mitigates all the road-blocks in your way and provides the best services in a few clicks.

PNJ Hub looks forward to be the core that drives engagements across the world and transforms the way you do business.


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5 reasons why you should join PNJ Hub

PNJ Hub is all about bridging the gap between people who need professional services, and those who can provide them with passion and commitment. Over and above this; there are 5 reasons that make PNJ Hub unique:

  • 1. Enjoy wide range of services

    If you need guidance in Vaastu, Interior Designing, Legal Dispute and Settlements, Taxation, Corporate Governance & Compliances, Mergers and Acquisitions and Real Estate advisory, look no further. PNJ connects you to experts across a spectrum of services.

  • 2. Avail handpicked services

    PNJ Hub offers a spectrum of unique services like e-certification programme to refine your skills, 'Share Work Space' where you can pool office spaces, hire C-suite personnel for a limited time span and more.

  • 3. Get guidance from verified experts

    PNJ Hub stringently checks the credentials of the experts listed on the platform so that you don't have to worry about their credibility.

  • 4. Rest assured with transparent dealings

    Clients can restore the services at any level if they are not satisfied with the services of the providers. While the service providers' interest is protected as their efforts are compensated transparently.

  • 5. Feel confident with partial payments

    PNJ Hub overlooks all your collaborations and executes payments to service providers in phases in the best interest of both the parties as under:

    • 25% after the start of the task
    • 25% on work has been processed
    • 25% after half of the work has been completed
    • 25% on completion of the work
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