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Whether you have started your business journey as a small company or already have grown your business big, the role of senior personnel is irreplaceable. You may find that you lack the in-house management experience you need or you may not have room to hire a full-time position. Then, how do you fill in the gap of getting the right guidance? This is where PNJ Hub steps in with its unique service called C-suite Now: to connect you with verified senior personnel for as less or as much time as you need.

PNJ Hub offers you the freedom of hiring Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Legal Advisor and Chief Strategy Advisor - the influential force of any company. Be it understanding the drivers of cash flow, complying with legal rules or chalking-out the most fruitful business strategy, PNJ Hub connects you with the right talent and experience for flexible hours at reduced operational cost with utmost confidentiality of your business dealings.

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User: 23615.0 star

Area of Expertise: Vastu Shastra, Legal Dispute, Mergers And Acquisitions
Qualifications: BTECH
Experience: 12 Years
No. of Clients Served: 100

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User: 1204.4 star

Area of Expertise: Legal Dispute, Corporate Governance, Mergers And Acquisitions, Taxation, Real Estate
Qualifications: CA
Experience: 12 Years
No. of Clients Served: 75

User: 21970.0 star

Area of Expertise: Information Technology
Qualifications: MBA
Experience: 35 Years
No. of Clients Served: 10

User: 22040.0 star

Area of Expertise: Funding, Insurance and Financial consulting
Experience: 25 Years
No. of Clients Served: 20

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  • PNJ Hub bringing new revolution in service delievery. With Milestone planning, Chat with expert, Csuite hiring for a day, Office space sharing for a hour and dispute settlement as well as forum functions, they are introducing utilities at every peculiar process of service delievery.

    Paras Mittal - PNJ Legal Consultant

A Lucrative Window for Seniors

As senior personnel, you can explore opportunities to guide businesses of varying sizes to make the most lucrative business decisions. As you help businesses grow, you get relevant industry experience and a prospect to earn extra income.

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