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In a competitive world, it is increasingly important to reinvent yourself at every step. PNJ Hub offers exclusive certification courses to provide guidance related to various sectors of the corporate world. It offers greater expertise, knowledge and skills by covering the theoretical aspects through e-books, while practical aspects are covered through video tutorials from industry experts. By providing various professional courses we are creating an online centre of excellence where both the service providers and the clients can learn more about the service and the process of execution as well.

What's more, you can have a 30-minute chat with the industry experts for free to resolve your queries and get in-depth understanding of practical and technical aspects. You may also request the industry experts to schedule a site visit to gain hands-on experience for a specific time span.

The specialized courses cover a broad spectrum of services like Legal Dispute, Corporate Governance, Merger & Acquisition, Taxation, Real Estate Advisory and Vastu and Interior Designing.

  • Basic e-Certification Course
  • 5,000
  • The one month coaching programme is based on the vital aspects of the corporate world.
  • 1 Month Duration
  • 120 Hours
  • Single Module
  • Eligibility: 12+
  • 1 E-book
  • 15 minutes Chat Session with Industry Expert
  • Upto 3 Days Site Visit to an Industry Expert
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  • The specialized courses cover a broad spectrum of services
  • Duration
  • Hours
  • Modules
  • Eligibility
  • E-book
  • Chat with Industry Expert
  • Site Visit to Industry Expert
  • Advanced e-Certification Course
  • 12,000
  • The three month coaching programme sets a firm financial base while helping you make a solid career in the corporate world. It hones your skills and abilities to make informed decisions in the corporate world.
  • 3 Months Duration
  • 300 Hours
  • 2 Modules
  • Eligibility: 12+
  • 1 E-book
  • 30 minutes Chat Session with Industry Expert
  • Upto 7 Days Site Visit to an Industry Expert
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Corporate Governance professio4.4 star

Category: Corporate Governance
Author: Pnj Legal Consultant

Models of corporate governance, SEBI Regulations, Corporate Governance Guidelines, Independent Director, Theoretical Basis of corporate governance, composition of committee, Ethical issues in corporate governance, legal framework for CSR, BSE SME IPO Listing, Corporate Governance in banks, Role of Media in corporate governance, MRTP Act role in corporate Governance and Competition law for corporate governance.

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  • 3 Month Duration
  • 300 Hours
  • 2 Modules(s)
  • 12000
  • Eligibility: 12+
  • 1 E-book
  • 2 Video Tutorial
  • 30 minutes Chat Session
  • Upto 7 Days Site Visit

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  • PNJ Hub bringing new revolution in service delievery. With Milestone planning, Chat with expert, Csuite hiring for a day, Office space sharing for a hour and dispute settlement as well as forum functions, they are introducing utilities at every peculiar process of service delievery.

    Paras Mittal - PNJ Legal Consultant

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User: 23615.0 star

Area of Expertise: Vastu Shastra, Legal Dispute, Mergers And Acquisitions
Qualifications: BTECH
Experience: 12 Years
Teaching Mode: Online,offline

User: 1204.4 star

Area of Expertise: Legal Dispute, Corporate Governance, Mergers And Acquisitions, Taxation, Real Estate
Qualifications: CA
Experience: 12 Years
Teaching Mode: Online,offline

User: 16920.0 star

Area of Expertise: Information Technology, Funding, Insurance and Financial consulting
Qualifications: MBA
Experience: 12 Years
Teaching Mode: Online,offline

User: 1280.0 star

Area of Expertise: Interior Designing
Qualifications: CS
Experience: 11 Years
Teaching Mode: Online,offline

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