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If you have some Vaastu-related concerns for your office, for instance, or need an unbiased opinion on some legal dispute or may need business advice for some Merger & Acquisition that you are considering, then PNJ Hub is where you could get all our answers. All our experts are screened and verified thoroughly so that you access only the best and most dependable guidance at all times. Moreover, you have the liberty to chat with the expert at affordable rates by paying on per minute basis or send them query by paying for response on per query basis or getting an appointment for physical counseling.

So the next time you have a query, all you need to do is connect with the experts in real-time and on-demand, engage on any subject via chat and get answers to all your questions.

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User: 23615.0 star

Area of Expertise: Vastu Shastra, Legal Dispute, Mergers And Acquisitions
Qualifications: BTECH
Experience: 12 Years
No. of Clients Served: 100

User: 1204.4 star

Area of Expertise: Legal Dispute, Corporate Governance, Mergers And Acquisitions, Taxation, Real Estate
Qualifications: CA
Experience: 12 Years
No. of Clients Served: 75

User: 16060.0 star

Area of Expertise: Corporate Governance
Qualifications: MBA
Experience: 3 Years
No. of Clients Served: 189

User: 23880.0 star

Area of Expertise: Corporate Governance, Mergers And Acquisitions
Qualifications: PHD, LLD
Experience: 38 Years
No. of Clients Served: 10000000

  • PNJ Hub bringing new revolution in service delievery. With Milestone planning, Chat with expert, Csuite hiring for a day, Office space sharing for a hour and dispute settlement as well as forum functions, they are introducing utilities at every peculiar process of service delievery.

    Paras Mittal - PNJ Legal Consultant

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